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EyeWiki is an ophthalmic wiki where ophthalmologists, other physicians, patients and the public can view an eye encyclopedia of content written by ophthalmologists covering the vast spectrum of eye disease, diagnosis and treatment.

Any qualified ophthalmologist, or ophthalmologist in training, is invited to contribute content to the wiki and post it immediately.

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NYSOS is pleased to offer its members unlimited, free consulting assistance for problems or questions they encounter relating to third party payer insurance, coding and policy issues from James McNally, CPC - Health Care Consultant Services.

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MLMIC Dateline - Fall 2016
Risk Management news, Patient Safety updates and news for MLMIC policyholders.

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• 10/27/16
ALERT: Summary of Medicare Quality Payment Program Requirements for 2017!

What You Need to Do!

• 10/27/16
NGS Medicare Corrects ICD-10 Listings on Ophthalmological LCD for CPT 92133 and 92134.

• 10/27/16
Excellus Outlines ICD-10 Coding Glitch!

• 10/27/16
CMS is Offering Upcoming Webinars on the New Medicare Quality Payment Program!

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• 10/27/16
CMS Announces Social Security Number Removal Initiative.

• 10/24/16
HHS ONC Releases EHR Contract Guide.

• 10/19/16
eMedNY Alert on Medicaid Enrollment Revalidations.

• 10/19/16
October 2016 President's Update Now Available!
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• 10/10/16
Update on Health Republic Liquidation Process.

• 10/10/16
2017 PQRS Payment Adjustment (Penalty) Letters are Enroute!

• 10/10/16
NGS Medicare Revises Cataract Surgery LCD to Eliminate 20/50 Snellen Requirement.

• 10/3/16
Healthcare Providers Required to Comply with "Non-Discrimination" Reporting Provisions by Mid-October.

• 10/3/16
AAO Issues Guidance on New ICD-10 Codes Effective October 1, 2016!

• 9/26/16
ALERT: Ophthalmologists Subject to Wellcare Refund Demands Take Action!

• 9/19/16
CMS Updates FAQs on End of ICD-10 Flexibility "Grace" Period.

• 9/19/16
2015 PQRS Feedback Reports Will Be Available in September 2016.